Sunday, March 28, 2010

Star Wars versus Batman!

At some point when acquiring a new skill, it is essential to get the right gear. Having always been wary of the ‘all the gear and no idea’ adage – I’ve been begging, borrowing and stealing to date - well not the last bit!

Yesterday, I had my first adventure into an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ of the off-road and enduro world of clothing by way of TWH Bike Store ( in Baldock and Danny Mayes the helpful and patient owner (realising that whilst I knew one end of a bike from another of the road variety anyway - as far as off-road was concerned - very little!).

Having already been influenced by my seven-year-old daughter, I have some white and lilac boots - not very macho biker but works for me, or my daughter at any rate! As of yesterday I also now have a lovely pair of Acerbis gloves – I have a passion for nicely designed Italian items any day, so that works.

However, it has occurred to me from initial ‘window shopping’ as it were that I’m going to have to be very careful that I don’t end up looking rather more dodgy Star Wars extra than intrepid enduro rider about to take on the Pyrenees! As if to echo my thoughts when we came out into the sunshine from Danny’s shop, another customer had arrived in an extremely striking if austere and meaningful looking Audi R8. Now if that car wasn’t made for Batman………..fabulous!

So, back to reality from my foray into the movies, if anyone can advise on gear - technical, comfortable, breathable, warm etc…….. be much obliged!

Have gloves will travel - off for Sunday afternoon practice now!

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