Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two stroke tale.....

My little GasGas has been in the garage for a while of late and therefore my training has 'stalled' somewhat. Been riding my 'one horse-power' Buns - a 17hh thoroughbred = around the countryside instead - causing as many aches as riding the bike. Having gorgeous little one and eight year olds on the scene means that I'm riding about once every few weeks or so for about three hours. Horse riding uses muscles that aren't generally used at other times and therefore I have turned up at clients with a slightly 'John Wayne' styley walk - possibly not the best look but hey ho. Nothing better than a long canter on a stubble field (permission sought!!).

Back to my trusty yellow GasGas - I thought my somewhat incompetent riding had 'konked' the gear box. Discovered a few weeks back that the engine had seized (Oop - expensive was my first thought) and whilst I'm a girl that is always up for a challenge - not being able to start the engine does have its limitations!!! Back to posing in my new gear but no going anywhere anytime soon!

Turns out a small bolt had vibrated loose and lodged in the crank shaft (ooo matron) and therefore jammed it! So, miraculously no major damage was done! Lovely mate Gary pulled the offending bolt out and checked my bottom end apparently, and gave it the thumbs up! So, whilst my engine is in bits - I'm having a shiny new piston put in and might even have a bit more power to get into trouble with to boot.....

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