Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Catalyst!

I was speaking earlier this week with a client about catalysts and that often a little catalyst can cause a big shift in behaviour, actions, a task......
This evening I was somewhat shocked to discover that I last posted to this blog in August last year....eek! Time flies as the expression goes.
The catalyst in this instance is our mate Gary. A seasoned and uber experienced enduro and trials rider (and I'm led to believe also single handedly despatched a number of mopeds to the moped garage in the sky in his youth!).
It transpires that Gary despite his extensive off-road experience doesn't have a road licence and today he took (and passed) his CBT, the big test in a week or so's time. The motivation being joining Mr T and I on our challenge! Eek - I'd better get planning.
So, the quietly thinking perhaps 'I've bitten off more than I can chew' and perhaps no-one will notice if I do a sponsored crochet instead...... the challenge is set; early September 2011, three days over the Pyrenees starting somewhere near Biarritz. I haven't been on the bike since last summer - 212 days to go!

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