Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two to watch.........

We were delighted to meet Barry Smith when we were on our adventure in the Pyrenees to raise money for GOSH and KidsCo,. As the founder of Symprove, a company with a brilliant product and also sponsor of Johnny Walker, who by all accounts is the one to watch in Enduro – we had some fascinating conversations on all fronts!

Johnny Walker is the 19 year old Cumbrian Trials star who was signed up by KTM Off-Road Racing for 2011, after only one season of competing in Enduro! He may be on the heels of the “Knighter”! Barry’s company has sponsored him and he’s signed a shirt for us along with his team-mates to auction for GOSH, how cool is that!

To say we bit off more than we could chew, would be an understatement of extremes, this is what Barry thought;

“I’ve done around 15 trips but this was my first to the Pyrenees – and the most difficult. We did this trip in the most ideal conditions imaginable and personally, I wouldn’t like to face it in the wet, although I believe some tracks are missed out when the weather is bad. However, if you stepped up to the challenge, it was rewarded by the most fascinating views and vistas for miles, so if you had the courage to get to the top of the hills it was worth it.

I think that Kate came in without real knowledge of what her and Robin were about to face and they made a valiant effort as beginners in trying to tackle one of the hardest off-road routes that adventure sport offers - so really commendable first time out as it’s taken me 4 or 5 years to get up to that standard. Biting off more than they could chew but for a very good cause, Kate and Robin were well accepted in the group, and particularly for the great cause they’re pursuing. I wish them well with their further riding adventures and fundraising in the future.”

Since we’ve returned, my mate who suffers from IBS has taken Symprove and reported ‘it’s brilliant!’

Few little facts for you:- It’s a multi strain science-based probiotic, contains 4 strains of live activated probiotic bacteria which are active from the moment people drink Symprove and not dairy or dried products. The bacteria are naturally occurring and pasteurised on an extract of germinated barley, that’s 10 billion live, activated probiotic bacteria per 50ml serving. People who drink it are generally IBS or IBD sufferers and it would certainly seem to be the probiotic of the future! One to watch! http://www.symprove.com/blog/

And if the press I’m following is anything to go by, Johnny Walker the boy of the future - an awesomely talented rider - even someone as seriously novice as me can spot that a mile off.

Thanks Barry, Thanks Johnny

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