Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What a difference a month makes ( and 16 other guys!)...

Honestly, I have a little admittance - when I went out on the GasGas a few days after the trip, it was on the tarmac, not a blade of grass or hint of mud did grace the bike. This afternoon however was different!
I'm doing some research at the moment around confidence and the neuroscience behind it and also bringing together a workshop on leadership behaviours. Pondering traits and attitudes around when something challenging occurs; do we give up or 'keep calm and carry on', it made me think about the Pyrenean adventure. Since then, I don't mind saying my confidence has been seriously waivering between wanting to learn more, do a rally, go to Africa .......and never getting on a bike ever, ever again!
So, in light of "we never know until we try", I had a now or never moment, donned my gear this afternoon, fired up the GasGas and went for a blast.
It became apparent from the off that in fact my riding ability has improved immeasurably since the Pyrenees. I was really quite happy on the bike, the GasGas that formerly intimidated me big-time! Throttle and clutch - nice - and into the powerband, it's actually quite narrow so once you're in it, it's time to change gear again. Not any more will Gary be giving my exhaust a sideward glance at all the unburned oil (because I've not been riding it properly). Result!
Albeit riding at the back most (okay all) of the time in the Pyrenees behind riders of the most awesome, talent, ability and.....speed .....I had to keep up or at least try and in doing so, yours truly can know hack along at a pace too.
So, I've googled a rally or two, put out a few calls and messages and yes Africa is in my sights.
On a more sartorial note, I think I need some new gear, something a little less brash, my stuff is somewhat bright, colourful and ' in your face' as it were.
Drawing attention is not what one requires. The guys in the Pyrenees had gear that was quite understated and it was their supreme riding skills that drew the eye. Way to go!

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