Sunday, April 4, 2010

21 times!

It takes the repeating of a new behaviour or technique twenty one times to embed. I have a few to go from today’s little outing though have certainly created a few new neural pathways to be re-trodden!

Changing gear standing up I can do and whilst I had a few major swerves - no spills, so to speak! A good outing! Got very muddy and boy - eight hours on I believe I’m going to have rather a few aches in the morning.

Whilst I was not hurtling exactly but enjoying going along the byways in the nearby countryside – I was thinking about riding a horse and riding a Gasser as I now realise they’re more fondly known.

Like on a horse, the faster (mostly) you go the smoother the ride. A horse will travel the terrain and make lots of little subtle adjustments to its balance. The bike also it will do its job if you let it and you make up with balance and the odd subtle little movement. Too slow and the wobbles are major.

Still stalling and having a huge effort to re-start – that’s exhausting – good for the abdomen muscles mind (silver lining!). The holy grail as understand it - is a dirt bike with a started motor - albeit heavier.

Of course the one big difference between horses and bikes - bikes don’t go at thirty miles an hour with a mind of their own and the ability to spook (a big six foot sideways movement sometimes due to a bird, flapping plastic bag - sometimes apparently nothing)!

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