Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life!

Way hey…….I didn’t think I’d get the opportunity to talk about footwear on my enduro blog!

I bought a pair of AlpineStars a few weeks back, Tech 7’s and felt somewhat like Darth Vader in them - not you understand - that I know what he feels like - but that’s how I felt - I have been riding in my riding(of the horse variety) boots. The Tech 7’s have been sitting in my hall for a few weeks - sort of taunting me. I was a bit concerned that stalling being a regular occurrence and going up and down the gear box in what felt like, stiff, heavy, cumbersome boots – would render my somewhat slow progress several steps forward and several more back!

How wrong a girl could be!

I kick started first time – couldn’t feel the pedal beneath my foot so just kicked away. Gear changing was fine - dare I say easy…… Enduro boots are designed for standing up on the pegs - so that was easier too! In fact ‘sitting’ on the GasGas in my new boots felt rather odd – bit like riding a horse with one’s stirrups too short - knees up around the chin styley! Whereas - stand up - well felt different again, I’m almost changing gear with-out thinking!

So, with my new found confidence in my new boots and in the glorious sunshine, I picked up a bit of speed and had a great time on a byway over the rough terrain a few dips and soft grass. I even got to grips with the hard ruts. Gave the bike a bit of throttle , let it do it’s stuff and had some fun. Riding in the ruts, on the ruts, across the ruts. Given that four weeks ago I seriously avoided anything that even remotely resembled a rut or indeed rough ground – progress indeed!

Also, proves that the right footwear for the occasion is unquestionably the way to go! Louboutin here I come!

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