Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mind over matter .......

As Henry Ford said - whatever you think you can or can't do - you're right! If was with this in mind that I set off on my off-road bike practice yesterday ( clients stuck abroad and therefore I had an unexpected few spare hours in the diary and whilst I would usually fill the time, this time I decided to get on my bike, as it were, instead! I have an off-road day booked with Boyd Emmerich in the Peak District in 10 days time which is focusing the mind somewhat too!

Though momentarily wondering if I was breaking some-one's silence on my little bike - the skies and the UK generally being rather peaceful with-out inbound or outbound aircraft due to volcanic ash. I live in a peaceful rural area and it still seemed quieter still. Anyway, those thoughts aside I set off.

Beautiful day - no-one around - saw many rabbits and a hare, I really started to thoroughly enjoy the bike and what it can do. Much like in life, if you trust rather than inflict tight controls, you generally get a better result! The ground was hard, lots of ruts and bumps however if I let it, the bike takes them all in with ease. Of course, the more speed you have the better - by this I don't mean flat out - just momentum. Had a few scary moments - nearly did a girly burst into tears - however with only bunnies to assist figured that possibly wasn't the best way of dealing with frustration. Nearly dropped the bike too - *&*&^***!! Goodness - that got my heart racing!

I still can't kick start to order - argghhh - however mind over matter - when I think I can funnily enough I can ( within 3 kicks anyway!). I oft refer to that statement on various leadership workshops I facilitate - it's true. If you believe you can't, you limit your possibilities, thinking and potential resource and therefore you will diminish the ability to achieve whatever it is. Believe you can (genuinely) and your world will metaphorically open along with your belief, confidence and potential and chances are you can.

So, after a few miles, whilst still stalling, at least I was re-starting - went down into and up out of a few soft ditches and am beginning to believe that perhaps I will complete this challenge. I can in fact!

Have a top day...

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