Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Passion and determination......

I've been doing some research at work around commercial capability meeting passion in the corporate world. A fascinating topic from Goleman's Emotional Intelligence, Maturana's Biology of Business and Love expands Intelligence to Disraeli's theories, it's becoming one of those moments when one realises quite how little one knows.

With regards to learning to ride an Enduro bike, to use Ken Blanchard's stages of development, I'm somewhat in the 'Disillusioned Learner' category - I know very well what I don't know! We started route planning at the weekend and some of the terrain looks a bit 'hairy' to say the least!

However, despite kicking starting my bike many, many times at the weekend after stalling - I'm getting some nice muscle tone coming along and I can go up and down the gear box more fluidly still whilst standing up. So, going in the right direction.

More importantly, I've been looking into Child Poverty in the UK - it's extraordinary that we can build businesses, great technologies, lead the world stage (in some fields!!!) however feeding our children and giving them basic food, shelter and love is not happening. Hard to imagine! I can't in fact imagine that.

If, we can make a difference that makes a real difference to a young life then we'll have done well and the bruises, aches and pains will be mere trifles.

There's four of us thus far in the merry band - if you would like to join us, let me know and the more people, the more money we can raise for KidsCo and Great Ormond Street .

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