Monday, August 8, 2011

Carpe diem....

Seize the day!

Taken a slightly different route with the blog today. Inspired by the words on this poster......

Pondering going out of a comfort zone, thinking about the aged expression 'you'll never know what you can do, if you always do what you've always done' .....all around whether I need a new bike with less than a month to go.....I've made a decision.

The GasGas still intimidates me slightly, however, in my work as an executive coach, I know that a few well chosen words have the power to inspire, enable and ignite that extra little spark that is often the turning point between succeeding or not. Equally, a few poorly chosen words can serve to undermine, discourage or completely extinguish that little spark in some-one that makes the difference.

It's ultimately about how we feel and using our drive and ambition to strive to greatness, mindful of those few well chosen words to help us on our way.

I've been so privileged along this journey to have been given a few well chosen words by a number of wonderful people and I thank you all so much for those (the less well-chosen, I'm choosing to park!). Simon Pavey & Chris Evans have said that they believe I can undertake this off-road challenge on the GasGas - and Simon Pavey has observed me on a bike, first hand, so know's exactly where I'm at - it wasn't a particularly good sight a month or so back either! Thanks to his tuition it's prettier now!

So 'seizing the day (by the cojones - as lovely mate added earlier today(!)) - I'm using the courage and guts definition.?!. ... that's where I'm at and tomorrow I'm going offroad for the day on the GasGas to an enduro track with Donna and a photographer will be there too.....?!:

Are you seizing your day?

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