Thursday, August 25, 2011

The expression goes.......

......that if one waits until one is ready for something, the readiness never comes. So, with that in mind, bring it on! I'm ready enough. 12 days to go, the bike's ready, mousses fitted, roadbook 'thingy' fitted, went on a wee shopping spree this afternoon for jerry cans, metal putty (cold chemical weld I'm told - not that I have any idea what to do with it!!) and enough zip ties to go around the world twice.
The bikes are being trucked to France in the next day or two, so when a window of opportunity appeared today for a practice I took it! It was also at the precise moment that the heavens opened on Cambridesghire - real Welsh rain it was!
My little Honda is on top form, Martin at TorqueRacing has worked his magic, the forks are 'lovely' (technical term), a lowering link on the back and a couple of bar risers. Perfick! Martin's the man.
The CRF 250 isn't as torquey as the 400, still need to work on my throttle control on set off, wheel span just the once - oop!
Had a fabulous outing, one of those 'big smile in the helmet' jobs. It was very slippery and I just love big puddles, they're as irresistible as dark chocolate! Played 'chicken' with a few young pheasants or maybe it was 'pheasant'! Had a major wobbly skid and just averted a spill - tee hee! I was absolutely soaked to the skin when I returned - not one item was dry. Jet -washed the bike, it was very satisfyingly grubby!
Very excitingly, we've raised a current total of £6207 for GOSH and KidsCo, the target is near! Thanks very, very much to everyone who has so generously donated, it means such a lot and personally has been such an incentive when the going's got tough (and that's been quite a lot of times!!) and to our wonderful sponsors; GBRacing, TorqueRacing, The Wendy House, Esse, Ocean One, SLP, ZeroNine, SupremeBeing, Eagle Performance, Dawson VAServices and my No. 1 trainer Donna Gray.
I'm wearing a rather lovely shirt tonight (bear with?!) which has been signed by Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, James Toseland amongst other notable legends of MotoGP, TT, WSB & BSB - hoping some expertise will rub off!! Kindly donated by Steve Parrish and it's going up for auction soon - watch this space.....

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