Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shall I wear it to bed?!

Cyril Despres's signed riding shirt has arrived! It's very cool! You may recall it got delayed on route from Andorra to Cambridgeshire prior to the auction.
I'm wondering if I should wear it from now until September - some of Cyril's expertise and karma might transfer from the shirt? Perhaps I'll wear it to bed...... whatever works.....?!
Went out last night (not in Cyril's shirt, if the winning bidder is reading - a bit - okay very muddy round here).
I'm definitely getting the hang of the GasGas, another aha moment last night, when giving it some welly, if I'm all over the front of it, standing or sitting, it doesn't feel like it's going to unceremoniously dump me in whatever might be nearby. Hoorah!
Still umming and erring over whether to get a 4 stroke 250.....the push start and smooth power delivery is very appealing! Watch this to find some mud.. !

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