Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who ate my sandwiches?

Out with Donna today for a day's fun in the sand. Brilliant! Lots of aha moments. Yet another learning curve..... - yeehaa and only dropped it the once!
Had a bit of tantrum this morning, tears (thanks waterproof Dior for not turning me into an Alice Cooper lookalike!), swore (a bit?!) and nearly stomped off! However, was in a wood with lots of twisty turny (technical term?) track and lots of gnarled roots so where exactly I would have stomped off to, I'm not entirely certain - but at the time it seemed like a possible plan! The reason for this tantrum was that I'd stalled the GasGas once or twice ( or .......) and in kick starting it again discovered that there was pure nothing under my left foot which is a bit pants for stability!
Tantrum over, my first exercise was to get into that powerband over and over and over again. We were at a fabulous track with ascents, descents, sand, woods, trees, woods, more sand, mud, twisty bits, turny bits and quite a dollop of sharp turns.
The GasGas and I were probably more together today than we've ever been - it's all coming together, getting in that power band doesn't actually last that long until you need to change up again. What's interesting is that I can feel it now too, as well as hearing it - what I mean is that I know when I need to power on, change up, down or plain rev the 'whatnots' off it! Not sure that's a bikey expression but hey ho. You'll spot in one of the photos just a tiny bit of 'air'! Yippee!
Had a few angry moments today, cross with myself, which when channelled effectively is power itself however as neuroscience will confirm, when anxiety kicks in, it's almost impossible to perform at peak, be it on a bike, a stage, as a leader.....
Donna got a bit cross for an entirely different reason today. During our lunch stop we were chatting about something or other and Donna went back to her bag to get her second sandwich and it had mysteriously disappeared! During the accusations & fall out that that ensured, a rather portly labrador appeared looking slightly guilty with a gently wagging tail. A canine opportunist. Tee hee!

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