Monday, September 12, 2011

15 minutes in! GUEST POST FROM GARY

15 minutes in and I realised that Kate was going to find this trip very challenging if not impossible.
It was more challenging and more extreme than I had imagined. Not only was the going hard, but it was also long. Not like the short bursts of rocks over p'haps 10metres or so in trials but kilometres of it! The descents and climbs were much steeper than I expected; very, very steep.
Nearly 400km of harsh, hard and challenging terrain covered over 3 days in 27 to 33 degrees heat.
The high point was getting up a huge, steep climb of c2km, covered in really tricky rock sections, strewn with boulders and up and down step sections!
Fantastic bunch of lads and stunning scenery, I'll definitely be going again.
Incidentally, had I done one of these trips before Kate, I would have told her to not attempt it!

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