Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Go for it!

Just about to have breakfast before today's briefing . .... Surprisingly calm and secretly now looking forward it.
Wide awake in the middle of the night, dreaming motorbikes- is that good ?!? - I recalled Donna, Si Pavey , Tamsin Jones & Martin telling me I could do it. So , with that in mind I will.
We're in the beautiful town of St.Palais not far from Spain. The group of guys we're with are great, very welcoming and supportive of my endeavours if possibly wryly amused. I have the smallest bike - funny that!!
It's not any group of guys mind, a few motocross & enduro champs/ winners & the guys from TBM ( THE offroad magazine) - is that phasing me ? ......,,,, noooo........

There have been so many donations in the last couple of days for GOSH & KidsCo too which is so fantastic and such an inspiration! Thanks so much everyone.

Go to it, girl!

Kate Tojeiro
The Unlikely Enduro

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