Sunday, September 4, 2011

Butterflies in formation.......

2 days to go to the Pyrenees trip for GOSH and KidsCo. Bike ready, toolkit ready - okay Mr T, Gary and Martin have prepared most of that - I got the cable ties and jerry cans(which daughter no. 1 has decorated) - mousses fitted. Have spare gear levers, camel back, metal putty - in with the SPF 20 lip balm (yes, I do have lip gloss too - for the evening obviously!).

Started packing my kitbag this evening - armour, helmet, boots etc - hmm - helmet and body lotion or - boots & jeans or - kit & no armour -arghhh. Determination aside and having travelled light on many, many, many occasion I still couldn't pack my kit into one bag. I've obviously never been away with some serious kit. My kitbag has been away for a little light windsurfing and sailing (which to be fair wasn't generally light) however kit for sailing and kit for riding off-road is clearly different means a bigger bag required! Mid-afternoon Sunday before schools go back - all my mates are out - eek! However, lovely mate Rachael then came to the rescue! So, have her diving bag - boots, helmet & kit & lots of muesli bars, isotonic stuff and various bike 'things' and voila! Yippee!

Donna Gray and Martin Wittering visited this morning, it if wasn't for them I wouldn't be even nearly where I am now. Huge thanks to them - they've been brilliant. They're off to Turkey this week on a rally.

Have more 'butterflies' than the London Butterfly House however as a gorgeous friend said to me a few years ago (she's a former Royal Ballet ballerina), butterflies are great, you just need to get them in formation. So that's what I'm working on. Thanks Shiv.

We're at £6200 for GOSH and KidsCo, so if you'd still like to sponsor or perhaps you'd like to put in a bid for the BBC signed shirt, it will be auctioned on our return. Jorge Lorenzo has signed it - what a top race today , Valentino Rossi and 16 other top top bikers have also signed it ..... I've slept in it - no I haven't really - joke?!?

Today's pic is a lovely off-road track in France - the power of positive thinking!!!


  1. Hello Kate
    Well this is certainly one way to follow a relaxing holiday! Hope you all had a great time in Fongrave and I would like to wish you the very best of luck with your challenge. I will make a donation to this very good cause. Regards Angela Hall