Monday, September 5, 2011

A jigsaw of the most extraordinary proportions!

John Hall
arrived today just after lunch to load the bikes. Well! Wow! So many bikes into such a small space - it really was very, very impressive.

This last week, the over-riding feeling has generally been one of excitement - however as the last jerry can went in, I suddenly felt really rather nervous! Get those butterflies in formation, girl!
All that is left now is to enjoy, soak it all up and relax into it - that sounds more like a bath that an off-road adventure?!

I know that I have the skills, albeit more honed in some areas than others, so now it's up to me to use them and call upon those new found abilities and resources that are there.

Thanks so very much to all our friends and family for their continued fabulous support, encouragement and love, through the ebbing and flowing of emotions during the high days and the less so! It is so enormously appreciated and the monies raised thus far for GOSH and KidsCo is just wonderful - last look c £6700.

A bientot, Xx

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