Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fits like a glove.......

Well, I didn't think I'd ever link the statement ' fits like a glove' to a motorbike! Martin Wittering of Torque Racing took my bike away for some tweaking last weekend. Wow - what a difference, if feels so different, more comfortable, somehow better balanced and as for the clutch - it's now exactly where it suits 'my' hand! Have a lovely new chain and back brake doesn't drag anymore and is in a different (easier) place - fantastic.
Martin had another bike in his van when he brought mine back, it was prepped and ready to go to Morocco for an enduro event, had roadbook and all sorts of other kit for navigating, that panicked me rather! From my humble and rather inexperienced standpoint, it did look good - very comforting having Martin looking after ones bike.
Now idly wondering if Ocado delivers to the Pyrenees for when I get lost, I don't know my left from right, let alone navigating!

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