Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The grin says it all!

I'm reading a fascinating book at the moment called 'Talent is overrated' written by Geoff Colvin, a former editor Fortune magazine. It is very interesting and one of the overriding principles, if you will, is that 'talent' is not born supreme or exquisite in the execution of whatever it is - sport, music, art, business - but that it is practice - and a lot of it - that makes the difference. There is much research and data to back up his argument from Mozart to Tiger Woods to Jack Welch.
Now whilst I've been practicing it's certainly not anywhere near 10 hours a day however when I do practice (this afternoon) the lessons I learnt on Sunday have made a world of difference.
Using the brakes properly for starters - quite important on wet grass when lovely, lively Maggie, a local pooch out for a walk came to say hello - barked first, wagged tail second. A good moment for a novice like me to have a chat and a little rest (any opportunity!).
Always having two fingers on the clutch for getting out of trouble or stopping for an excitable dog!
However, I practiced all the things that Donna and Martin taught me on Sunday, clutch control, accelerating, braking properly, standing up, sitting down, going up and down the gear box, stopping and all over again. I did, lots and lots of times. I'm going to ache again tomorrow.
Practice may make perfect - improvement in my case not perfect - however confidence on the bike has for sure gone up a notch and that's great!
Thanks Donna. Thanks Martin.

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