Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The wise of the young.......

What a day today has been!
We have another new supporter - The Wendy House Day Nurseries - which is fantastic! Thank you so much.
We have now raised over a £1400 for GOSH & KidsCo . Brilliant!
We were all featured in EnduroNews as well - how fabulous it that. Thanks Bob!
And another new experience. I've never been to a radio station before, let alone been interviewed. Today both happened, I was very excited and really quite nervous. I was interviewed by the delightful Liz Rhodes at BBC Radio Cambridge about the challenge - what lovely people at the radio station. The young lady on the reception desk had such a beaming smile, it calmed me no-end. However, I was so anxious on the way I went the wrong way up the M11 (towards London I hasten to add as opposed to the wrong carriageway!) , hope some-one else will be navigating in the Pyrenees!
Over breakfast I was chatting to my daughter about the radio interview and that I didn't know what to wear. "Mummy, you'll be on the radio, it doesn't matter what you wear no-one will see you". Oh the simplicity of youth, wise words on young shoulders!
That said, it did matter of course.....for me anyway......

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