Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ripping up the grass!

Had a very big practice sess' today. It's now just after 8pm - had to watch the MotoGP - top action from Stoner!
I think everything that can ache will do so quite a lot tomorrow - might have to take something soft and fluffy to sit on at work this week.
Donna and Martin arrived bright and early and set out a course. Gary supplied eighty odd track markers, fab. There were a number of surprisingly tight corners, lots of turns, a slalom, a few straights and few tyres in a pile to ride over (eek), I pretended that I hadn't spotted those!
Had to do a bit of practice sorting out my fancy footwork, have developed a habit of putting balls of feet on the pegs (a la stirrups) - great habit on a horse, bad habit on a bike (particularly of the off-road variety).
Did a bit of a pants start at one point, spitting a bit of grass and mud about the place......ultimately became an okay moment in the main because I didn't fall off the back!
More top tips from Donna and I've progressed a few more steps, every journey.........
Physical exhaustion seems to have impeded my ability to write now..........perhaps I'll have a bath instead!

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