Monday, April 25, 2011

Are ruts a bit like life or is life a bit like ruts?

Out with the boys today, that puts the pressure on in the speed stakes, it ups a level again! It's beginning to dawn on me that the trip to the Pyrenees isn't going to be taking a few pics, bit of gentle trundling on some soft grassy tracks and a coffee perhaps and on again (okay I did probably know that, however I now certainly understand what the 'enduro' bit means).
Another lovely sunny day, 'childrens' with the grandparents for a few hours, so another opportunity for some time in the saddle!
Would appear that I have a little trouble with my basket! A case with the basket eh? Hmm - has that been said before....? My 'clutch basket' to be precise - clutch is dragging, tick over is higher when in neutral then drops when gears engaged - that means more 'revving it' and throttle action. Needs a clean apparently, a job for Mr T me thinks, he did rather drily comment this evening that it would be 'making life more difficult'! Great, thought I or something along those lines. However, if I'm progressing with a dicky clutch basket, there may be hope for me yet!!
Ground as per yesterday very hard, I did a second great rut avoidance job though - or so I thought. When we got to a junction near Ashwell, Gary and Mr T suggested that we do a bit of a dog leg route - back to where we would then continue on. Extra practice, okay cool - road work fine, off road - arrghh, initially just a nice (my kind of) track, then around a corner, lots and lots of ruts appeared, relatively wide - 30 cms ish but hard as nails. Boys in cahoots - hhh! So, thought I, Boyd has taught me this, Donna has given me heaps of tuition, Martin consistently supported and given guidance and Gary and Mr T, I suppose must think I can do them. I had a quick look for an alternative - da nada.... Best go for it then.
Met a 4x4 on the way, actually thought I'd rather be on a bike than in a 4x4, kept the pace on, planned my route and voila - did it and no spills!
Been pondering this afternoon - are ruts a bit like life or is life a bit like ruts? Every rut presents you with the need to make a series of decisions, you approach the rut, assess the situation and decide what to do next. There are lots of different ways to tackle them; in them; on them, across them; sitting; up near the tank, legs out; standing; (better) steering with weight; lots of throttle, less throttle et al...... however the important thing is to do it your way and not just do what others have suggested you do. Take the advice and then do it your way (couldn't have done that a month ago!). 'I did it my way' as the Frank Sinatra said.
Chuffed moment that was!
So, followed the boys back, and continue to be utterly impressed when Gary sort of hops and manoeuvres the bike away from things - it was a low hanging tree. He sort of jumped his bike to the left - I ducked! Got sprayed with grit and dust a few times by the boys.....some time soon........
New donation to GOSH - fabulous!
Now pondering new goggles - is this potentially a shopping opportunity? Excellent! Blingy sunglasses whilst lovely, not really up to the job and as for the bugfest in my helmet this morning - would have made an entomologist envious. Have a selection of goggles provided by Gary to check out and Mr T has just handed me a glass of something bubbly - wonderful! Oh and 'Top Gun' is on the telly!! Wey hey.....................

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