Monday, April 18, 2011

On the opposite side of the hill...

Still in the mountains of Northern Tuscany. Friend's lovely son, Sam, has now 'at last', commented mate Becky, got me on Facebook - inspired by Billy Bike Truck and Charley Boorman (!/biketruck & ) chatting about the challenge and fundraising on Facebook! My facebook page is basic basic at the moment watch this space.
On the other side of the hill, Mr T and I have spotted some superb trails and rides up in the hills and mountains - just awesomely fantastic scenery and terrain. Earlier today, we were all sitting in the village watching the world go by over machiato, cappucino - as you do - ... and about six KTMs and a couple of Hondas went along the road in front of us. I was so envious (wouldn't have been some six months ago!!)and wanted to join them, which would have been tops with Mr T, and eight year old would have been very keen, especially with her CRF70 however not sure if 2 year old in a backpack would be a good plan (it's okay only joking!). Next time we might just bring the bikes with us. Just need to be aware of the wild boar! Eeek! Porcupines too and therefore the mousses might well be required (of the rubber variety as opposed to chocolate - for those non-bikey of you, it's a special squishy thing instead of an inner tube that stops one getting punctures!). Haven't spotted a GasGas yet!
Loving Italy, the vibrant green of the trees, the passion of the people, the blue of the apologies for the black and white of the blog over the last few days. Stylish as black and white is, I need to up my game from a technology perspective and get the clips and photos onto the blog when without laptop. Looks like some visits to The Gadget Show and taking some of Suzi Perry's advice.
Whilst friends were out (whose gorgeous house we're staying in), one did succeed in directing the Italian bathroom fitters not only to the house but also an understanding of why one of the newly fitted showers was leaking. Well....... if I'm honest the younger and rather aesthetically pleasing of the two.......did speak English.....

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