Sunday, April 24, 2011

Concrete ruts........and soft muck heaps!

What a glorious weekend! Mr T and I went out for an Easter trip this morning. Had my usual confidence wobble on departing however I'm beginning to whick along rather more quickly than I used to. Fabulous weather and a little breeze this morning so just lovely.
Being the Bank Holiday weekend, there were lots of people about and dogs - as a learner biker this is often good news as it also means a little rest (i.e. stop engine, greetings, little chat...). Only small stops though as Mr T was pressing on rather - so I had to keep up!
The ground was like concrete and very, very dusty. The ruts that one had hitherto undertaken that had soft sides certainly didn't any more! So, I figured avoidance tactics today then. Won't do the concrete ruts, I'll go round them!
This all went well until I rounded a corner and there was a family and assorted small dogs some way off on the side of the byway with 'no ruts' - oh!
A few lessons back Donna had said 'now if you have to go across any ruts, as opposed along and in them as it were, do it diagonally and with purpose'. Right! So that's what I did, with purpose, diagonally and with a wee Gary tip too - if in doubt use the throttle, the bike will take it, just make sure you can stop afterwards! I did, I did and I did - yippee!
Later on we came upon some unavoidable ruts and I did it, throttle - looking where I was headed rather than where I was at (I hope a temporary bad habit...) and voila! Then thought, I could perhaps practice on these and then thought 'practicing ruts feels somewhat akin to practicing toothache' - now why would one do that - have 4 1/2 months to go, I'll do that another day!! I did however go in and out the ditch several times - yeehah!
In the pic attached there is a big, smelly heap of muck and straw - always on the look for a soft landing just in case I need it - even if it does stink!
Being Easter have now had my full of really far too much chocolate - better work it off tomorrow on the bike - still burning quite a lot of calories through both fear and riding!
Very excited about a conversation with Steve Parrish's (MotoGP commentator and former top level racer - Barry Sheen's team mate) lovely girlfriend Michelle. Planning a wee event of some sort; food, marquee, music and Steve has extremely kindly agreed to donate something to auction - most chuffed! Watch this space - will let you know the date.
Now, where was I, there's some chocolate somewhere..........


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