Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The art of sneaking out and not getting caught...!

The GasGas needed an MOT today. So, took the bike off to the local garage, having got a new bulb for a light I hadn't been aware wasn't working. When the lights are on it puts more drag on the engine, so I don't put them on very often! I'm certainly not up to night riding!
I called the garage a little later in the afternoon and the GasGas had passed with flying colours - okay I added that bit. Mr T happened to be home so he dropped me at the garage to collect the bike before he set off for an appointment in Cambridge.
Sunny day, late afternoon - opportunity for a little outing I thought, little divert onto the local byway, girls at playdates and Mr T on his way to Cambridge -that's means I have at least an hour.....
So, off I went, spotted some young chaps in my peripheral vision when leaving the garage and John Sole, the proprietor smirking as I went. Thing is, I'm learning all the time and when I pulled out into the village high street I was very aware, just beyond bite point of clutch, that if I let it out completely chances are I'd do a wheelie! Now whilst that's quite cool, if illegal, falling off the back would most definitely be uncool! So, hung on in there and off I went.
Ground hard, bit of gravelly stuff.... had lots of fun, one or two wobbles and rescues and didn't stall once - or spill come to that - yippee!
When I got back home, I spotted Mr T's car in the drive! He appeared smiling and said 'well, if I was you, I'd have done the same'. Oop....teehee......
Had a fabulous conversation with Billy Ward this afternoon too, discussing creativity, learning and development, Charley's advertures in Alaska - all top stuff and very inspiring!
PS> the picture is 'the other side of the hill' in Tuscany.....

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