Monday, April 4, 2011

Is a pert bottom a pre-requisite?

This week I haven't done as much practice as my training schedule says I should have! Oop! Two steps forward...... However on Sunday - Mother's Day - whilst not out riding - was enjoying lots of lovely R&R with the girls and family, whilst not exercise, must be a good compliment to training!
Consumed rather a lot of chocolate though, so training this week required for more reasons that one.
Now whilst I wasn't training on the GasGas last week, I did do a Lotte Berke session at Esse with Karen Taylor. I decided some time back that some overall fitness and stamina/ endurance would be necessary if I'm to have any chance of keeping up in the Pyrenees. So, Lotte Berke for those of you not familiar with it, is a combination of ballet/ modern dance, yoga and physiotherapy designed to help one achieve a lean, supple and toned body along with a 'pert bottom' I'm led to believe! The session was an hour long and I must admit that after 10 minutes I was beginning to wonder if I'd last the next 10 minutes! I did ache rather the following morning!
As some of you know of course, the boys, including Mr T did his bit for Comic Relief and the opening of the new scrumptious studio at Esse if you fancy a giggle and a Lotte Berke taster??!!?
So, on with the serious stuff. I'm going on a trail ride this week and am also going to an Enduro Event (my first ever) with my bike on Saturday - eek!
And if the pleasant added extra is a 'pert bottom' too, that's okay with me!

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