Monday, June 6, 2011

Adding a sprinkling of Film Director glamour to the challenge.

I'm overexcited...........again!
Went to SupremeBeing, the very cool clothing company with my daughter, to take the challenge T-shirts signed by the lovely Ross Noble and delightful Steve Parrish (who is also kindly donating some MotoGP goodies - what a stonking race this weekend) to be finished with the charity logos this afternoon. Big thanks to Billy Ward for making it happen and also for the signed copy of the Long Way Down by Charley Boorman . Piccy's attached - the auction from 7.30pm on Saturday 30th July at The Queen Adelaide, Croydon, Cambs. We met David Newman, MD and one of the creative genius' behind this fabulous brand and they have also very kindly agreed to donate some clothing to the auction too! (Possibly encouraged by my daughter who rather loudly whispered that we didn't have any non-bikey, girly stuff for it?! -oop). Thanks so much David and all the team at SupremeBeing.
Then, I spoke with Ed Blum, a BAFTA nominated Film Producer & Director, you may remember 'Scenes of a Sexual Nature' with Ewan MacGregor, Hugh Bonneville & Catherine Tate to name a few. Ed has another movie on the way, though under wraps at the moment, very exciting watch this space..... He has very kindly agreed to be our auctioneer for the evening, which is marvelous - thanks Ed, brilliant.
Now I just need to get that minor detail of practicing in and frightening-self lessened! I'm out with Gary one evening this week and of course in 9 days time on the 15th June, we'll all be at The Royston & District Motorcycle Club Show......hope to see you there?

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