Sunday, June 12, 2011

Danger from your own bike when you're not even on it!!

An afternoon with Gary and how different the challenge looks! I.e. a bit more possible than last week.

Still haven't got my bike back, so undeterred I took out Mr T's 4 stroke 400 KTM and practiced on the field near the house. I noticed the weight difference, also the more consistent power delivery, linear, I'm informed, the the GasGas is more lumpy , to my mind anyway. Still managed a few kangaroo like manoeuvres! Either way it's very different to the GasGas. Then after an hour or so of that, went to a local clunch pit for some practice and tuition with Gary.
Lots of ascents and descents, where to put my weight, use of the throttle, clutch, brakes. The big difference with the 4 stroke being that the engine brakes which helps when going down hill. So, did lots of that!
Then Gary suggested something new. He put out a couple of rocks about 2 bike lengths apart to practice slow controlled riding around. He then demonstrated how to move on the bike in a figure of eight and it looked so easy! Then I had a go. I started off with some fairly (?!) tight loops to begin with. My left hand turns are okay but to the right leave much to be desired. Did lots and lots left and right - gosh I was pooped.
I then tried it on Gary's bike, a 2 stroke KTM 200 and not dissimilar to mine. That was easier, all down to the weight I think and manoeuvrability.
Next, a few laps on Gary's bike and the ascents and descents again with some little turns at the bottom. Got some 'air' at one point, both wheels in the air over the top of a hill - what fun I thought afterwards. At the time, I was thinking I've used too much throttle and I'm on Gary's bike - eek! Then more slow riding loops and figures of eight.
Caroline, Gary's lovely wife, had said a few weeks ago that Gary was a very good and very patient teacher. She is absolutely right. Even when, on one descent I stood up a bit late at the top of the hill and then grabbed the throttle, so went down the hill mighty fast and nearly ran Gary over in the process! And I was riding his bike! Goodness! That got my heart going. Gary very calmly asked what I had done? Mr T, the girls and my great friend Wends who were all watching at the time, thought it was hilarious, the facial expressions were good apparently and Mr T has never seen Gary move so quick! Don' t think Gary thought it hilarious - not at the time anyway!
Slept like a baby last night, I was exhausted and fortunately my baby slept too!
So, more of the same today and by the end of June, there is a somewhat steep climb in the pit, that I need to have conquered! Mr T asked which bike I preferred, hmm , bit like comparing apples and pears. Can I take a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke to France?
Thanks Gary!

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