Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big boys don't cry........

.........though to be fair I didn't cry as much as explete on Saturday, though if I'm honest it was probably both!?! Transpires my moment of 'exasperation', shall we say, is on YouTube - if you want to see it though, I'll leave that up to you to find it!

So, I took one of the big boys bikes out - one of the KTMs!

This week has been all about getting my confidence back and it is still somewhat lost.....!? My bike is 'at the salon' ! Having new white plastics and all the logos put on - very exciting and what a top collection of logos; Torque Racing, Esse Retail & Spa, GB Racing, Ocean One Boutiques, The Wendy House, Werx, Supreme Being, The Queen Adelaide, Special Little People, Enduroland, Dawson VA Services, Eagle Performance and of course GOSH and KidsCo. Then the little GasGas is off to Martin at TorqueRacing for a new clutch. By all accounts, my hydraulic cylinder isn't playing ball and my basket is still not quite up to standard - and that's the extent of my knowledge!!

Since the debacle on Saturday I've been out practicing nearly every day and am at least feeling much better about 'ups' and 'downs'. On Wednesday, it rained and hailed here - so to say my back end was squirming would be an understatement, however I didn't fall off or drop it so that must be progress! And the big boys bikes - smooth, responsive, took the hairy bits in their stride, coped expertly with both my tentativeness, panic and over-exuberance (if inadvertent) - are we talking bikes or the boys.....?!!!? Hmmm.....

Practice as if you were the worst, perform as if you were the best............ here we go!

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