Thursday, June 16, 2011

Halfway there and botox for bikes?!

The GasGas isn't a new motorbike however now it has new plastics and graphics with logos of the companies and people that have generously sponsored and helped us so far, it looks not only fantastic but years younger! Hmm - like a bit of that myself! Botox for bikes!!?
A few firsts yesterday, we went to the Royston & District Motorcycle Club Show in Meldreth
I rode there and Gary kindly escorted me on his bike (bit of angst - situation normal - had set in). The two bikes were logo'd up and we were putting them on the TorqueRacing stand. I got overtaken by a classic Triumph on the way - teehee. When we arrived I was quite humbled, don't think I've ever seen quite so many bikes and I was certainly aware of my limited bike experience - didn't embarrass myself though or Gary (to my knowledge!!). There was everything there; hogs, roadsters, sports bikes, scooters, cruisers, a stunning Ducati desmosedici and of course enduros! Thank you to Mark Coningsby for the interview and letting everyone know what we're up to!

We are now halfway through this journey and have 2 1/2 months to go, I purposely haven't counted up potential training days for reasons of remaining calm.
So big list of thanks to; Donna Gray, former champion, and my trainer (keeps me smiling), Martin Wittering of Torque Racing for keeping my bike 'fit', Jim Gale at Werx for the graphics and plastics, Enduroland for being on their site and their constant support and motivation on practice days, Michelle at The Queen Adelaide for hosting the auction (don't forget 30th July), Dave Newman at Supremebeing for the challenge Tshirts for the auction and making us 'cool' in the process, Martin at Schoolyard for printing the challenge T-shirts. Billy Ward, Graham Banks of GB Racing for sponsorship and donation of the British Superbike Passes for the auction, The Wendy House, Ocean One, Special Little People, Steve Parrish for MotoGP goodies for the auction, Eagle Performance, Dawson VA services, Sally, Serena & Steff at Esse Retail & Therapy for their endless encouragement especially on the 'what am I doing?' type days!! So many thanks to all those who have very generously donated.
And of course to Gary for tips, techniques and buckets of patience, Caroline (Gary's Mrs) for so much encouragement, Mr T for limitless supplies of support, putting up with me and gently assisting (occasionally shoving) me out of my comfort zone and for lots of cheerleading and support from my sis, Elly and the girls.
And I rode in the dark too - not far mind, but a first!
We're at c£3500 in fundraising so here's to the next stage.

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