Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dirt school!

Martin (Wittering) of Torque Racing made a comment last week, 'time in the saddle, Kate!'.

So, I've been doing exactly that - got hilariously wet today too. Every single thing that I was wearing was soaked - yeuk! Fun though, made a decision to avoid the chalky slopes however, on balance I think the grass was just as slippery. Mr T, the girls and our pooch, all got soaked too. One of those, right in the middle of nowhere moments when the heavens opened - so thanks to all the family for not only accompanying me on my practice but getting soaked graciously too! Good excuse for cake and hot chocolate when we got back home though.
Our cat was sensibly curled up on a chair!

Having looked at potential training days, summer holidays, the girls activities, professional commitments et al , I thought hmm... better take this in hand.

In light of Martin's comments I have booked myself into 'dirt school' for some serious time in the saddle and some tuition and learning along the way. Along with a few trail days.....

Whilst I was coming down the chalky ascent I was pondering a conversation that I'd had (at work) earlier in the week. Positive psychology is a very powerful thing and mastering one's confidence in a given scenario equally, however not to be at the expense of mastering skills and capability!

So, school it is, albeit of the off-road variety and some outings with Mr T.

Another boost today with another donation to GOSH, thank you! It's what this is all really about; raising funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital and KidsCo, charities that do so much to try to make the world a better place for children.

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