Saturday, February 26, 2011

A bit fast on the rebound..........

A bit fast on the rebound isn't necessarily when your recently divorced mate gets married again rather quickly!
Last night we met with Martin Wittering of Torque Racing and Donna Gray, former British Ladies Enduro Champion and Overall Winner of the Dawn to Dusk, Clubman class which was fantastic - they're both really super people. Donna is very much at the top of her game and has generously agreed to give me (at the bottom of my game!) some training for the event in September. Very excited, bit nervous and feeling very privileged.
I admitted (possibly a bit too candidly?!) that last week when I had to turn the bike round I had in fact got off pushed it and got back on again. It was quite a narrow lane. Donna suggested that practicing riding in a figure of eight would be good - I did this today however on a six acre field; so quite big figures of eight and room for improvement! I know that it's possible to spin the bike round in it's own space so to speak however, that's out of my skillset at the moment - my clutch control isn't up to it for sure.
Martin and Donna also had a look over my bike, which needs some re-adjustment. It is the suspension that is a bit fast on the rebound not aforementioned mate. This means that when the bike squishes down when you sit on it (technical term), mine comes back up a bit quickly - i.e. fast on the rebound. Learning so much .......also learnt that my husband has new pipes on his Benelli - in fact Martin and Donna noticed this, I didn't. Though it having been pointed out, I did observe that were rather nice (expensive I think) carbon fibre ones......!

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