Thursday, February 10, 2011

Positive Psychology!

This afternoon's practice was wet and very muddy though fortunately not cold. I went out on my own (first time!), I usually need a back up (husband) for when I can't kick start, drop it....can't find neutral....!

I was a bit concerned, as living in a part of Cambridgeshire that has rather a lot of clay, when it rains the mud on the top develops a mind of it's own - to my mind anyway.
However, just this morning I had received an email from John Kettley, as mentioned in previous post, which said "going out in the wet always puts a smile on my face as it's the most fun''......goodness, fun wasn't an adjective that was currently anywhere near my thought process.

There was an extremely muddy bit of track that a number of tractors had also been over so a bit carved up, rutty, and fun. Do you know what - it was! Didn't drop it or fall off or stall.....well, just the once.

On the way back through the village I also had the added bonus of seeing some girlfriends who grinned and waved!

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