Thursday, February 10, 2011

'Decals' aren't something with which to descale the kettle!

What a learning experience the last few days has been!
Aside from everything aching that can ache - not sure that a fluffy cushion strapped to my GasGas would be that cool not to mention safe! Would be more comfy though. For those of you reading with heaps of Enduro and Off-road experience - yes I know - I should be standing up!

Met a lovely guy at the weekend, he in fact came to give us a quote on a kitchen extension but that's another story. John Kettley is a top sales trainer and also an experienced off-road and enduro rider. When he arrived I had just stalled the bike in the drive - a regular occurence!

Turns out John knows lots of people in the know and has been extremely kind in making introductions.

We have our first donation come in, which is fantastic and also our first 'corporate' (if that is the right term) sponsor is Special Little People ( - a great little company that produces wonderful aromatherapy oils to help all sorts of niggles for children. I might put some of the oil to help with anxiety on the inside of my helmet !

This is where the 'decals' come in. In return for a charity donation we will put logos on helmets and/or bikes and some PR. It transpires that decals are not something with which to descale the kettle but the 'stickers' on your bike or helmet with said logo or image on - helmet ones are apparently a bit more tricky. Learning lots this week and the 'jargon' is evidently yet to come....

Practice this week has involved a little tiny bit of expleting, lots of hurting - well aching and nearly (!) crying -don't do that very often - so experience tells me I'm learning.........and still have a lot to learn........

Looks like this afternoon's session will be in the rain! Arghhhh!

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