Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Helmet hair & two stroke fumes!

210 days to go and the training has started. It appears I've chosen a good day for it - glorious blue skies and sunshine. As some of you know, I'm meant to be finishing my book this week. Hmm - distraction and inspiration combined!
Having not been on the bike since August, it has to be said I'm a bit rusty! However, I only stalled twice and didn't fall off !
As with any new skill, one has to do it (or think about it) at least 21 times to create a new neural pathway (hard and soft skills) - it seems I've mastered the kick start - practice really does make perfect however tough.
For those of you that have come across Ken Blanchard and Situational Leadership, I'm very firmly at the 'Conscious Incompetence' stage, with hugely wavering confidence.
One hour in the saddle today, however with helmet hair and the indisputable smell of two stroke fumes - best deal with that before client meeting in an hour!
With renewed vigor got the blog and charity pages up today too.

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