Sunday, February 20, 2011

Glorious mud......

Went out in the mud and the rain practicing yesterday - photo before mud! I did manage x2 sneaky stops though, whilst waiting for two lovely rather playful looking young alsations and their owners to go past. My bikes skills aren't quite up to 'playing' standard and figured both the dogs and I might be most safe if I stopped for a moment to enjoy the view, talk to said owners and of course start the bike again. First time started on the first kick and after several attempts the second time - however the lesson of the day being as the bike has no battery 'turn the lights off' before kick starting.

Skidded twice - eek - however having had a chat with Gary earlier in the day, I recalled him saying that the bike will cope with anything. So , in the split second that I lost the back end, I powered on and instinct I think sort of did the rest, I didn't fall off and grinned quite a lot !


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