Saturday, May 14, 2011

Does my head look big in this?

It would appear that my helmet doesn't fit - too big - and goodness - too heavy! Martin (Wittering of Torque Racing) measured my head yesterday - he used to fit them for Arai and it would appear that my lovely helmet is perfect.............for someone else!!
So, had a look at some other helmets and mine weighs 300g shy of 2kilos - no wonder I've had compression in my neck and shoulder and back ache to boot!! So getting a new helmet - pink seems to be a problem, found some nice ones with pictures of glamorous (one word?!) women on them - that's not quite what I'm after! So, a new white one (good for sponsor graphics?!) is on the way and it weighs 950g - excited? Very!

Went out this afternoon - on my own - with Mr T's helmet. Bit of roadwork, through the villages then via Ashwell and a track I hadn't been along before.
Came across some ruts which were huge yet wide however I was on the other side of the track. So I slowed down and had a ponder....I could throttle across to them or stay where I was, where the ruts were narrower for sure though there was also a rather deep bit which Gary probably would have jumped, however I'm not Gary and he wasn't with me for tip dispensing! I stayed my course, as it happened the ditchy type bit, could have been a spill and get stuck possibility. So, at the last minute I swept onto the grassy edge which was a bit narrow, a wee wobble ensued, but Mr T and I had been chatting about using the pegs and your weight to move the bike, over lunch (as you do), and with that thought in mind, bit of right peg, good dollop of throttle and voila! Then another lot of ruts appeared - I enjoyed them - there's progress!!! I even turned to check behind me, for well anything really; horses, dogs, people - nobody around! That's the first time I've done that - looked behind whilst standing up that is - I usually sit down first!

Rest of my outing was fabulous. I then came to the track where due to Mr T, Gary and Donna's antics, I invariably end up at the back in a cloud of dust and grit - yummy, euughh! Not today! There's a lovely little hump in the middle which the gang often jump, I didn't jump it exactly but whatever it was I did made me grin - tee hee - didn't swallow or ingest any grit either!!
In Mr T's light helmet, could hear when there's a car behind too- very good news however also another noise from the bike which I've not heard before - is that because I couldn't before or it wasn't?! Mr T thinks the latter - chain's chattering - hmm....

Date for your diary; on the 15th June we'll be at the Royston & District Motorcycle Club Motorcycle Show, Meldreth Manor School, SG8 6LG at 6.30pm. I'll be on the TorqueRacing Stand with the bike - that'll be a first for me. How exciting! Very exciting! We've donated a moto-cross shirt to the raffle, last year the event raised over £13500 for local charities - how brilliant is that. Look forward to seeing you there......
Now if I've been carrying 450g less on my head (as it were), my make-up bag weighs much less than that, I might squeeze it in yet!!

On a final note, if any of you bikers out there have got back problems, get some-one to have a look at your helmet....... can I write that's not that sort of that blog?!??!

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