Monday, May 23, 2011

It'll be 'all white' on the night.......?!?!!

I went to the studio of ZeroNine and Werx today with Martin (of Torque racing) - it was absolutely amazing and fascinating! Jim Gale who runs ZeroNine and Werx, providers of fabulous decals and graphics, had images of my little GasGas and the guys KTMs on screen and was working out where best to put our supporter logos and of course those of GOSH and KidsCo. He was moving all the images constantly to get the best angle.

It was brilliant watching it all come to life, even if at one point, I was suddenly very aware of the challenge that's ahead and had a moment of panic! Fortunately little 'Milo', the friendly Jack Russell chose to turn up at that moment to say hello, thus dissipating the angst.

Later in the conversation, Jim suddenly said, I wonder if we can get white plastics for Kate's bike, the logos will look so much better. So, white it is and Jim is sorting that out too. The GasGas is going white. How exciting! The team at ZeroNine are all absolutely delightful and have been so supportive and helpful, thanks Jim, thanks Karon, thanks guys!

My journey to the studio was rather less impressive - got rather lost. They are situated in a village, a few miles from where a friend lives. I had printed out instructions ( and left them in the office) and particular moment of most lostness(?!) I lost signal on the iPhone....! Signal briefly appeared and Martin called and 'talked me in'! Hmm - perhaps I should put a road book on the car! If I repeat that sort of navigational 'prowess' in the Pyrenees, I'll be on the bike all day and all night.

Talking of adventures in the countryside, at the weekend we visited my sister and brother-in-law's gorgeous new house in the Garden of England which is in the most beautiful location. Saturday afternoon we went off-road (no KTMs or GasGas' involved!) to the local pub. Two men, two sisters, four kids and a baby (in the town buggy!?) and assorted pooches - had a bit of a Family von Trapp meets The Incredible Journey going on.... When we were nearly there, at the side of the lane we were walking along there were some very steep banks with assorted trees dotted about. My brother-in-law casually asked 'could you get up there then, on the bike?' Mr T answered 'yes', I thought for a moment and then thought 'yes' too, bit of throttle (and bottle) would be required mind - that's progress - six months ago I would have been horrified at the very suggestion that a bike could even do such a thing?!

We also have some motocross shirts with the GOSH and KidsCo logos and our supporters logos being done by BRP - also in white!! Mr T has a 'new outfit' as daughter No. 1 put it, 'Claude' the cat is coming to investigate in the photo!!

This evening I bottled it for an outing - it was raining - hmm - can't be a fairweather biker now can I - or can I? I'll be out tomorrow though, I'm out of my comfort zone again at the weekend, going to the Enduroland event at Adcombe.....eeek! Practice makes perfect........

SS11 (aka Spring Summer 2011) is all about white, I'm reliably informed by my fashionista friends, more by luck than judgement it would appear that I'll be bang on trend!

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