Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a beautiful day!

Sunday night and the sky is the most amazing magenta colour from where I'm sitting - gorgeous!
What a glorious start to the weekend - we enjoyed 'The wedding' in the Toj household, I for one, always cry at weddings and this particular one made for no exception to that rule. How beautiful did Catherine look - absolutely divine. Wish them so well, it was such a magnificent, romantic and lovely event and even if just for a short time galvanised communities all over the UK and the world and perhaps softened some of the hardest hearted of us too?!?
A few months back, at the very start of this adventure, a very lovely friend invited me to lunch with some-one who undertook the 2008 Africa off-road motorbike trip for three children's charities with Prince William and Prince Harry - and he had nothing but the most delightful stories to share of two incredibly decent, kind, thoughtful (and royal) people. It was an inspiration and an incentive and I must add an honour to meet him.
A few months on and whilst the training is coming along, I still have a lot to learn. Only had a hour or so to practice this weekend (thus far!). Littlest daughter having a nap and eldest and Mr T ensconced in front of the MotoGP which I figured could catch later - another top one!
Decided it was to be roadwork today, as there is much 'bike confidence' if you will, to be attained between now and then!
So gear on, and the spangly googles for a test run, which I figured would be better than the blingy sunglasses.
In the drive, I couldn't kick start the bike for love nor money. Turns out neither love nor money were required just fuel! Oop - pulled the choke out however hadn't turned the fuel on - ditzy moment number one. Fuel on, kick start first time and off I went. However, not far down the road, decided that I really didn't like the goggles, couldn't see behind me without an effort and knowing what's behind when on a bike is really not to be compromised. So, turned round up the road and came back and tried another pair. Second time lucky, these were lovely, much lighter, not as sweaty and easier to see behind. Must admit that it was a sort of fashion moment in selecting the first pair, funky, quirky strap with a sort of paisley pattern. Pair I have selected are high tech, light, no fog, SCOTT ones and bright white, I'm liking them!
Had a jaunt through the local villages on the road, a few miles away I was just approaching village and met a young girl on a very pretty white pony, her brother on a mountain bike and a little dog called Maggie. I stopped the engine and waited for them to pass. These delightful children stopped and we all had a natter about horses(still miss my boy), the weather, the wedding.... Just before I went on my way, I mentioned that I needed some road practice, hence my outing, and the young chap said ' but that's a dirt bike, you'd probably be better off on the grass'! Hmm, 'nough said - out of the mouths of babes and all that..........
Then ran out of fuel outside the pub (not a bad place to run out of fuel?!), switched it to reserve tank and all well - even if it was ditzy moment number two or maybe three - who's counting? Arghhh,,,,,,,,...........

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