Saturday, May 7, 2011

Have I missed the point?!

Had a good little outing today - despite having to negotiate some "noddies" going the wrong way through the one-way system in the village!
On perusing the Enduroland site this evening, I spied some forthcoming excitement at Silverstone - ohh I thought, that sounds fun. Love Silverstone for any reason - bikes, cars, classics (late father-in-law designed the AC Ace, he was a member of the BRDC so many a fond memory..)
Ok wistful moment over - that was of course until I read the detail - some great little treats like concrete steps.! Great little treats like concrete steps - is that an oxymoron? Oooo - as a girl that thinks treat as perhaps; a meal out, a glass of fizz, chocolates, flowers....... not sure where the concrete steps come in.
Cripes, still have a lot to learn....
Two NAN (Novice and Newcomers - or is that Nervous and Noticeable for all the wrong reasons in my case) days in the diary for June and July instead, I might just pass on the concrete steps treat - lovely as they sound....??!!?
Have a little goal mind, by the time I go to the Pyrenees I would like to be able to do a wheelie to order. Did one this evening - hurrah - not by design mind, just a bit heavy handed with the loud handle and dropped the clutch - teehee....

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