Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hard as nails in the new helmet!!?!

So, so delighted that SupremeBeing, the uber cool clothing brand, have generously agreed to provide the T shirts that are going to be signed by some equally uber cool people that I can't reveal........yet! All so exciting! Thanks much!

As I mentioned to my mate Claire, when that particular email came through, along with a few others agreeing to sign said T shirts, I'd just come out of a cafe with my favourite coffee and so excited was I, I nearly dropped it!!

More excitement, we also have x2 British Superbikes Premium Paddock Passes which have been kindly donated by GB Racing for the GOSH & KidsCo fundraising auction (date to be agreed tomorrow) in the summer. Thanks Graham...brilliant!
On Tuesday, I was a guest of Liz Rhodes of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, one of our earliest supporters and encouragers of this fundraising challenge for GOSH & KidsCo at the afternoon' chatroom' which was great. Thanks Liz for your unwavering support! I also had the real pleasure of meeting Molly Blackburn, a co-ordinator for OpenOut a scheme which supports the victims and witnesses of hate crime in Cambridgeshire, a wonderfully enthusiastic, optimistic person with a fantastic joie de vivre and outlook on life.

So, back to the bikes. I read an article today about two strokes not being that environmentally friendly due to the burnt 'lube' oil that they produce and that they stink when you're behind them. No-one's ever behind me ....... yet!!

Many of you know that my knowledge mechanical is somewhat limited and so a lively discussion with Mr T ensued over supper. He commented that a lot of diesel ships are two strokes, bet they've got big pistons!!! Some ships, like the one Mr T used to be an officer on (before Mrs T!) produce 32,000 shaft horse power( oo er missus). That would make stalling a thing of the past, if of course, it fitted between the wheels. Of course, picking it up would need more than Mr Failletaz and several marshalls. Flippancy aside, why would you choose a two stroke to propel several lots of tonnage through the water if it wasn't vaguely efficient. Discuss?

Stalled several times this evening, I blame the excitable new spark plug - fortunately however I didn't stall in front of several friends I think I spotted outside the local pub and a lady with a gorgeous young English Setter.

Took my new helmet out for a spin this evening. Loved it light... However, now my goggles don't fit?! Hmmphh.

'Hard as nails?' not me as a biker.....working on it though - teehee! I have Shellac nails provided by one of our supporters, Esse retail and spa. Great nails for bikers apparently - 4 days on - no chips yet?!!

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