Sunday, May 15, 2011

Suck, squeeze, bang, blow .....or so I'm reliably informed!

Went out with the Champ today, that always keeps the pressure on as Donna doesn't hang around! Whilst I'll generally pick my route across ruts, hard stuff, ditches etc and take in the view from time to time, as you can imagine when following a former British Champion, the pace is well faster and more fast! Arghhh - that means that everything I've learnt I have to cognitively process rather more quickly. Though following Donna and watching the way she handles a bike is something else, not just a phenomenal sportswoman, an inspiration!

Donna continued to give me lots of tips, techniques, encouragement and the odd 'finger wag' because I wasn't covering my clutch!

I must be improving mind, because do you know what, I had a fabulous outing - really enjoyed it - did push myself to keep up, if nothing else, however in so doing didn't spill either! Misjudged a rut at one point and had a very big wobble and sensed one of those 'flick you off' type spills - hate them - anyway don't know what I did, but a combo of clutch control, throttle and 'bottle' probably and whey hey - weetabix crop safe and off I went! Teehee!

Jump! as Van Halen ( is that the spelling or is that a shirt brand?!) sang. I did a jump today. Planned it and did it - how much fun is that. Lots.....!

So, excursion continued and then I swapped bikes, now those of you who know me will know that I don't do ' swapping bikes'! Mostly because I'm inexperienced and another iron steed means newly phased, newly different and another opportunity for fear and panic to settle in quite comfortably!

Donna gave the GasGas a little blast before we went out and commented that it had some 'go' about it! Being a high performance (uh oh - didn't know that until 2 mins ago) two stroke, one does have to keep revving it - so as you can imagine, my little bike must have thought all its Christmas' had come at once with Donna on board. Anyway, some of the way back I rode Mr T's bike, a KTM 400 EXC - a big bike for me! Well! It was lovely, smooth, took in bumps that I stand through on the GasGas, in its stride. It fact it was somewhat like getting into or would that be onto, a limo. It felt akin to riding a feisty little arab and then mounting a well-schooled, well-mannered Irish sport horse. Hmmm...... Though, when I lost the tail end momentarily over some rough stuff, I was very, very aware that it weighs heaps more than my little GasGas! So suck, squeeze, bang, blow - the four strokes of a 4 stroke - Mr T's bike; sucks in the air and the fuel, squeezes it, ignites it (the bang) and then blows it out as the exhaust (burnt gases). The two stroke on the other hand has twice as many bangs at the same revs - whey hey! More bangs for your buck huh!! Therefore generally speaking a two stroke is more powerful than a four stroke of the same engine size (would appear that I'm learning things now that may have been more helpful a few months back?). Okay - head hurts now...! Pyrenees in an arm chair/ limo.?.......where would be the challenge in that! Joking aside - it's a bit like comparing apples and pears -as in life, there's always a trade off.....

Talking of the challenge, Great Ormond Street Hospital have been fantastically supportive and we have an auctioneer! Delighted that our wonderful friend Ollie Makings has agreed to be auctioneer at the summer auction - Steve Parrish, the Moto GP commentator has extremely kindly and generously agreed to donate some things 'bike' and more exciting goodies to follow! Yet more support from Janet and Lawrence Bridger today looking after the girls whilst we were larking about, I mean training...! Date and venue coming the meantime we're at the Royston and District Motorcycle Club Show on the 15th June.

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  1. Fantastic blog. We'll keep reading it with interest. Good luck with the ongoing training! :)