Friday, July 29, 2011

24 hours counting.......and I've found it!

Just got a copy of Scenes of a Sexual Nature - with Ewan MacGregor (Charley's mate), Hugh Bonneville et al signed by Ed Blum the Film Director for the auction. His next movie is just on the horizon and if it gets the green light and the cast I've heard about, there may be an Oscar on the horizon! Thanks Ed.
So, 24 hours to go, Cyril's shirt is still somewhere between Andorra and Cambridgeshire - nothing is insurmountable ?! The BloodHound SSC print looks fabulous, got it framed yesterday.
Very excited, if a tad nervous ....situational normal for me then!

I have found the powerband on the GasGas and I'm very excited about that! I had a great chat yesterday with Chris Evans (who looks after Cyril Despres, the Dakar and writes a very funny column in TBM) and I was just relaying my concerns about the GasGas and maybe getting something a little less - err lively - err with electric start....! Seems getting a 4 stroke 250 of some sort - could be considered an easier option? ' Are you likely to carry on riding off-road after this trip, said Chris, 'is the Pope Catholic?' I replied. I'm completely smitten!
In that case, he said, keep with it and you'll learn a lot from it.

So, last night I went out for a few hours in search of the elusive powerband, I found it, I understand, I really understand - breakthrough - and you do have to get on it to keep it down - hurrah! There's hope for the girl yet! So, off to mess about in some sand next week with Donna. Oo - shall I re-word that, off for some dirk-bike training in some sandy terrain with Donna Gray former British Champ next week and if I mess up completely, I'll ponder the soft/ easier option!

And in case I hadn't mentioned it?! :)
See you tomorrow night at The Queen Adelaide in Croydon, Cambs, SG8 0DN - looking forward to it.....

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