Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A GasGas isn't a GS ........

.......and I was really rather taken with the BMW G650GS that I rode in Wales at Si Pavey's offroad school .......and still can't stop talking about it to whoever will listen! My gorgeous sister, Elly, got the ins and outs of everything today whether she wanted them or not - thanks Elly!

This evening, I went out with Gary to tackle a rather steep chalk descent which previously I had considered to be way, way beyond my ability (to be fair it probably was). However, with lots of support from Gary and my new found skills from the two day course in Wales - I did it! There is another steeper and longer to tackle but baby steps and all that! Big whoop inside my helmet.

The photo doesn't really capture it - sort of a lip at the top and you can't actually see where you're going until you're there, as it were. I was however looking to where I was going (that's progress!) rather than at the ground I was on.

Not sure that the GasGas is performing at peak - I know that the clutch is grabbing but something else might be going on too. Stalled mid-hill going upwards and thought aha - I can turn the bike round as per my new found skills, however the clutch was having none of it, so Gary did it instead! Thanks Gary.

Appear to be not pulling very well either - oh dear that's disappointing!?! Being one who is learning but doesn't really know enough about the engine (yet) will have to consult my 'spanner'! Operator error aside, which happens often, it would transpire that very possibly one or two things are going on beyond my control and certainly not helping my mastery of the offroad art.

Very excited that next week, I'm going on road with Ian Biederman at ART in Royston for some on road time and on a GS650. Yippee! Just need leathers to arrive and road boots - unless I spend a few hours in first gear (can't change up in my offroad boots?!) - which isn't funny or clever! Teehee.

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