Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mishap with a tree, a steep slope and a GasGas......

Out with excellent tutor Donna Gray today, former British Champion which was tops! I'm without doubt improving, though that's not withstanding that I still have a long way to go.

Donna as always was pushing my boundaries of comfort and encouraging me, even had me riding with one foot off the pegs for steering from centre point of one's bike purposes. Might have looked like I was trying ride like a flamingo but most importantly I could do it - it's just like using your weight appropriately when riding a horse.

In the photos, you'll see Donna showing how it's done and me well .....showing how it's not?! Answers on a postcard to what might be going on.....behind the tree!

Breakfast discussions with Ross Noble, Billy, Ian, various (many) others and a bit of heart-to-heart with Donna today, much as I love the GasGas, to use an equestrian colloquialism, I may have over-horsed myself! The GasGas is at optimum performance at a particular power band, it's not torquey so one has to keep it revving and it does go (off the proverbial shovel)! Of course that sometimes means wheelies if your weight isn't in the right place to keep the front end down. Now whilst wheelies are fun, when one's learning - they're a tad unnerving, I don't do them to order you understand, but I do them!

So, off very early for two days training tomorrow with Tamsin Jones, one of only two British Women to complete the Dakar - very excited if a little nervous!

Currently watching 60 years of Formula One and John Surtees just commented that you do become as one with your car and it talks to you. He was world champion on 2 and 4 wheels! Mr T drily commented 'you need to be at one with your bike, Mrs T'! Hmmm - I do indeed (I was always at one with my sadly departed 17'2 thoroughbred - he went like the proverbial and had a particular power delivery to work within too!!) The GasGas intimidates me a tad. Oddly enough, I actually believe deep down that I can complete the challenge on the GasGas however there is a massive confidence thing going in my ability, I'm reticent to let it get into that power band too much. Has life gone full circle? I felt just the same when I got Buns, aforementioned chestnut throughbred, green and unschooled from the racecourse...!? And of course on a thoroughbred, the option to close the throttle ........just isn't there!!!

I shall ponder the GasGas on my return........

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