Sunday, July 3, 2011

Midlife excitement!!!

I think I'm turning into a bit of a biker - okay not of the fast variety, I'm working on that - but it's got under my skin for sure!
Had a slightly shortened outing today as it transpired that a local sponsored ride was out and whilst most horses and their owners have no problem with offroad bikes, some have fizzy fits extraordinaire (the horses that is -well mostly anyway)! I've been out several times since the awesome training in Wales. It's all beginning to come together (at last!!) as Linley, Si Pavey's wife, predicted it would.
Getting faster, have a lovely visual image of Billy (Ward - currently working on the Africa project with Charley Boorman) , riding next to me, side saddle as he was in Wales, urging me on. An inspiration if ever there was!
Si would be impressed, I hope, with my vastly improved use of the clutch - yippee - and my figures of eight and circles on full lock (yes full lock!) are really quite pleasing.
Apparently however I'm having a mid life crisis! Was at a really lovely wedding reception on Saturday night and neighbours gorgeous daughter (well I used to think she was gorgeous!!) in her twenties, on hearing about my learning to ride a motorbike antics, said ' Kate, are you having a midlife crisis' ! At just off my twenties myself (?!???*) how could I possibly? That said, if this is a crisis, it's a very exciting one!
Nearly, ran out of fuel today. Bike started sounding funny (technical term) then I realised that it might have been the air it was struggling to run on without the fuel mixture! Oop! Next time I shall reach down, mid trajectory, flick the fuel switch to reserve and roar off. Haha ......
This week Tamsin Jones called me who is a bit of a legend, one of only two British women to complete the Dakar...... how stonkingly exciting, I shall be riding with her in Wales in a few weeks time - more on that to follow.
Won an eBay bid for some leathers today - they'll be no stopping me soon....... which as it is for such an important causes, Great Ormond Street Hospital and KidsCo is superb!

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