Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh deer!

The shirts arrived today for the challenge - they're fabulous. Thanks so much Lee and Lisa at BRP imports. Beginning to look more and more like I know what I'm doing - I'm still working on the knowing and doing what I'm meant to be knowing and doing!

Took the Gasser for a spin this evening, new clutch - fab - and as Donna suggested 'you need to get it in the power band, Kate and feel it' - so that was my mission for this evening. Had a great time, loved riding it. Am I going a bit soft? I think I may have missed it whilst it was having said clutch fixed.

On my travels this evening a little Muntjac deer ran across the road, Gwyn at BMW OffRoad school would have been proud, I stopped - rather sharpish - and didn't lock anything up! Yippee. Being taken out by a deer of a Tuesday evening isn't necessarily my idea of bliss....come to that, probably not the Muntjac's idea of bliss either! I slowed up a bit then as deer rarely travel alone!

And if there were any further testament needed that I'm improving, I got 'the nod' a couple of times this evening from other bikers - a chap on a 'blade and another on a Ducati. Progress indeed, I'm obviously taking a dominant position on the road and 'look like' I know what I'm doing, as opposed to 'eejit with new bike and no clue' of a few months back. Whoopee!

Pressure cooker excitement building for the auction, 4 days to go.........

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