Monday, July 25, 2011

Thrust(SSC) and delight!

Charley Boorman twittered and FB's about the challenge at the weekend which was so fantastic. Especially considering that Charley is currently on the Extreme Frontiers trip through Canada and had a big convoy today; Thanks Charley!

Pulled out of my drive this morning and car sounded like the proverbial bottom had fallen out of it, rather like I was dragging a metal bucket along underneath - oh cripes. Reversed it back in and thought I'll deal with that later.

A few moments later listened to a rather poignant pause for thought on Chris Evans, Radio 2 show - the analogy was life and golf (now I don't know anything about golf, I was once chastised for cantering on a horse across a course - in the rough - I didn't realise at the time - story for another day!). The "thought" was about taking the rough with the smooth and that change i.e developing one's golf technique was difficult however in order to develop and grow in life, change is absolutely essential.

I wholeheartedly believe that to be true, change is hard, humans don't generally like it however change can make the most incredible differences to one's life. Learning to ride a dirt bike, has been a mammoth change for me and continues to be - what a journey though and I've met and continue to meet some of the most passionate and inspiring people ever.

Shortly after the metal buckety noise, I received an email from Ian Glover of Bloodhound SSC - the team behind the challenge to break the land speed record at 1000mph. Wow! Really wow! - overcoming the impossible using science, technology, engineering and mathematics. I'm all for that - how awesome!

Richard Noble OBE , previous land speed record holder at 663 mph and programme manager for the 1000mph attempt AND Andy Green, the driver have signed a limited edition print for the auction in aid of GOSH and KidsCo this Saturday. Thanks Ian Glover, Richard Noble, Andy Green and the guys at Bloodhound SSC.

Do email me if you'd like to bid and can't be there.

5 days to go to the auction and counting ..... have a photographer for the evening too, lovely Elly Hanna who will capture all the excitement for us.

Practice was on the KTM this evening as the GasGas is with-out a clutch! Didn't break any land speed records however may have topped my own speed record - and all within the law and limits! I'm getting there......

The bit of rough (so to speak) for the day turned out to be a stone in between the splash guard and the disc brake - so a smooth, very exciting and humbling day altogether!

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